Meet Your Local Farmers

Field in Western Montana where Romaines buys fresh produce.Farmers work hard to grow us the ingredients you enjoy at Romaines. Whenever possible, the produce we use in our restaurant is purchased from local farmers to keep dollars in Missoula and Western Montana and to keep our ingredients as fresh as any you’ll find.

Area farmers till and plant in early spring and tend the fields all spring and summer. long. Their efforts yield vegetables and fruit that taste of the soil, sun, and water where they grew, and radiate the many colors of a bountiful harvest.

Owners: Harley and Joey Hettick

Farmers of the well-known Dixon Melons, a musk variety, the Hettick’s also grow other delicious local melons, such as honeydew, watermelon, sinful, and crenshaw. We feature these melons in our salads for a brief season in August and September.

Kaly Hess and Brian Wirak
Arlee, MT

Harlequin Produce is a USDA certified organic farm where Romaines frequently gets beets and other vegetables. Kaly Hess and Brian Wirak, Montana natives, have been farming in Western Montana since 2009. They are a ‘new’ generation of farmers, who don’t own land but have the opportunity to lease Common Ground Farm in Arlee. They both studied Agrocecology at Montana State University, which provided a strong background in agricultural science that aids tremendously in understanding the dynamics between plants and soil.

Kaly and Brian focus on growing high value and high yielding crops in a manner that incorporates ecological principles. Their soil is their most important resource They amend it through the use of living mulches and green manure. They strive to continue to increase production and efficiency so that they may provide Western Montana with high quality, affordable, and nutritious local produce. They provide WMGC with beets, carrots, salad mix, tomatoes, and peppers of all varieties, celery, melons, tomatillos, potatoes, and cherry tomatoes.

Look for Harlequin Produce at the Clark Fork Farmers’ Market and Missoula’s Tuesday Farmers’ Market. Watch for a sign-up for their Summer Community Supported Agriculture program in the spring.

When not farming Brian and Kaly can be found exploring their beautiful backyard mountains, fishing a local river, or playing croquet in their yard. For more information go to the Harlequin Produce website.

If you have enjoyed a salad during summer months at Romaines, chances are you’ve had lettuce from Lifeline. Lifeline is located in Victor, MT, and also provides us with other vegetables throughout the year.