Meet the Owner

Graham Roy had a vision for Romaines restaurant: to create dishes using local and organic foods in a casual, approachable way. The Garden City’s bounty of fresh vegetables in the summer lend themselves to delicious salads, and in the winter hearty soups are just the thing to warm the soul. Graham also wanted to create a restaurant that would be as environmentally sustainable; a model for restaurant sustainability in Missoula.

Graham was raised in Missoula, and like many kids in high school, left at the first opportunity to see the the world at large. After attending college in Colorado, and earning a master’s degree in botany, he taught high school in Denver, CO for five years. Graham took cooking classes in Denver to pass the 10 weeks of summer before school began again.

Learning those first recipes was a lot more fun than grading papers, so as dinner parties for friends got more complex, he knew it was time to cook full time. He attended Cook Street School of Culinary Arts in Denver and studied in Italy and France for three weeks before starting his first full time job in a Denver hotel.

Prior to opening Romaines, Graham worked in several kitchens in Missoula where he learned new techniques and saw first-hand the value Missoulians place on local food. Although the availability of local food changes with the seasons, the Romaines menu always features local foods to provide a taste of Montana.

Graham Roy, Owner of Romaines Salad and Soup Restaurant in Missoula